Montag, 27. Juni 2011

A summer project to be continued.. (Schubladenprojekt Nr. 3)

I already blogged about this project in one of the sunday-posts..
It's a summer-dress I wanted to make out of old (new) fabric from my mom's cupboard.
What I didn't finish because I wanted to adjust the pattern a bit is the rest. Adjusting is not really what I'm good at. Maybe just because I know too less about it. So I usually just do as in the pattern and when I'm finished, I start to change details.

I already sewed this dress last year for a show. Two times (because I also sewed most of the dress for another player).
So I know it's fitting but I know what I don't like about the dress, too.The skirtpart begins very high and I would like it to be a bit lower. I also don't want to be the skirt as wide as intended but either make it balloon-style or a bit more straight.

I love balloon style. (My wedding dress is like this..)
Probably I'll just do and sew - and adjust afterwards.
The fabric is waiting!

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