Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Just a Yesterday post

The sun is shining. It's so beautiful to be outside right now. I just walked a little through the neighborhood to let the bright light soak into my mood.

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day freeboxing. There was an awesome pile which I had seen announced on craigslist. So I went there on my way to get sugar. I didn't get to go for sugar because I had so much stuff that I could hardly walk my bike back. Dragging a handled box on wheels (that I found on the pile) full of shit I made it the 30 blocks to our house. Then I biked to the shop and on my way back stopped a second time to look for changes at the pile. I took another load of stuff lucky that I found a big plastic bag to put the stuff in.

Back home I made cake. Birthday cake for my roomie. Chocolate with pears and chocolate streusel topping. Yummy.

My initial plans for the day had been to start painting my dresser. While everybody went out to see some shows that night I stayed at home and worked on the paint job. It was a satisfying day!
Hope you're all doing well and get satisfying things done, too!

Sorry for my absence here.  We still don't have Internet at the new house so sometimes when I'm actually somewhere to use the web I forget about blogging because there's too much other shit I have to  look up, organize, do.

Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

I'm excited.

Having a house to come home to. Having a room.
In need of a light that doesn't look like dentist office. In need of a drawer, dresser, shelf.
Apart from that everything's fine.

I forgot to share my joy about THIS.
OMG I can't believe it. This is the first time that I won a giveaway and believe me, I entered a lot!
So thanks to Kittee I'm going to own my own copy of Papa Tofu loves ethiopian food. People in the house already make fun of my cookbook collection. (I don't consider it to be that big..)

And since you asked, little sister: the floors in the house have not been redone. There's stuff under the linoleum in pretty much every room. How stupid do you have to be to not sweep before laying a flooring? Yes.

Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

(I'm not excited.)

We moved in yesterday. Applause.

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012


Wait. It's 12/12/12 today. That means that christmas is around the corner. In less than two weeks actually people will go mad about presents and dinners and parties and whatsoever. Or they already do. Stupidity.
I don't feel christmasy this year. Not at all.
Life sucks to much.
It just feels weird to celebrate something when there's nothing to celebrate.
Apart from that the weather doesn't support christmas at all. It's like a month ago. Not cold, no snow. I prefer it like that actually. I don't need cold and snowy winters. Mild winters are perfect. That means I won't freeze my toes. I won't need mittens. I can still ride my bike. And costs for heating do not explode.
I had "Spekulatius" though. Yesterday. I saw them at a grocery store a couple of weeks ago and got them yesterday. They comforted me. Knowing that I just ate something german, something I used to ate all my life around this time of the year made me feel rooted. Sort of. Do you feel the same way that culture is so much linked with food? For me it really is. Food is the only thing I miss from germany (apart from my family and friends). Ja, I got "Spekulatius" and I will get "Stollen" some time soon. That's my christmas. I'm going to pass the rest of it this year.

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

You won't believe it!

We will not move into the house today at 10 am as promised.
As I already said: you won't believe me.
We were at the house yesterday morning. They made the flooring an art piece. Patchwork laminat...
Today the homeowner is supposed to go there. They'll probably fire the crew. Why didn't they do that a week ago?
Nobody knows.
But that's how it goes. So far.
I'm going mad.

Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Wild Fermentation

At least my package didn't get lost delivered to a house that's not occupied by us yet...
Wild Fermentation is this awesome book about making sauerkraut, beer, vinegar, sourdough, miso etc.
I already read it after I saw it at a friends place and borrowed it from him, but I really needed to get it to start doing all of those amazing recipes. As soon as we are in OUR HOUSE!

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

At the laundromat

I'm sitting at the 24 hour-laundromat. It just takes forever, so I guess I'll give you a little update on our housing nightmare..

Saturday we went to the house to have the walkthrough and when we arrived the property manager lead us to a completely different house. As we had already expected: our house wasn't done.
Actually after seeing the crew over there we were not at all not surprised that there had been no progress in those two weeks. While we were there they were hanging out in the car, smoking cigarettes, having a break or maybe they were even "working"? Who knows.

So we were put into that house down the street that's owned by the same people or at least managed by the same company. We don't pay for it nor do we pay for utilities. And we're not on the street. At least.
But since everybody of us by now is kind of a wreck it's really no hurray-situation.

Apart from that we kind of had a fight with the manager who thought we were not appreciating that they let us stay at the other place when we were asking what they were going to do regarding the unfinished house. Actually they have to give us accomodation, pay for our hotel or whatever since we're on a lease from the 1st on.

The estimated move-in by now is saturday.
...we'll see, right?