Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Just a Yesterday post

The sun is shining. It's so beautiful to be outside right now. I just walked a little through the neighborhood to let the bright light soak into my mood.

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day freeboxing. There was an awesome pile which I had seen announced on craigslist. So I went there on my way to get sugar. I didn't get to go for sugar because I had so much stuff that I could hardly walk my bike back. Dragging a handled box on wheels (that I found on the pile) full of shit I made it the 30 blocks to our house. Then I biked to the shop and on my way back stopped a second time to look for changes at the pile. I took another load of stuff lucky that I found a big plastic bag to put the stuff in.

Back home I made cake. Birthday cake for my roomie. Chocolate with pears and chocolate streusel topping. Yummy.

My initial plans for the day had been to start painting my dresser. While everybody went out to see some shows that night I stayed at home and worked on the paint job. It was a satisfying day!
Hope you're all doing well and get satisfying things done, too!

Sorry for my absence here.  We still don't have Internet at the new house so sometimes when I'm actually somewhere to use the web I forget about blogging because there's too much other shit I have to  look up, organize, do.

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