Samstag, 30. März 2013

Freitag, 29. März 2013

Wow. Today a lady almost yelled at me for us wanting to safe nature while people are homeless, starving etc. She was standing so close to me and really upset. Deep breath, that was a bummer! That's why I prefer to stand up for nature. I understand her point but I prefer to stand up for something that doesn't shouts me in the face. For real.

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

What? It's friday again? Time flies past so quickly! Full time work, right? Today a little girl gave me 5$. "Warm & fuzzies". What a generous gift, I was really touched. She was on her way to a birthday party. By the way, I'm canvassing for The Nature Conservancy right now. That's actually more my pair of shoes than SPLC, which we campaigned for until two weeks ago.
Just thought I'll let you know and share at least a little of my every day stuff here..

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Random monday-sunday, it was a free day!

We just came back from a little cruise in our new car. We can't believe it, we bought a car. Haha. Now we can go on a little trip to the coast and hopefully explore at least a little of the gorgeous nature here in Oregon and Washington, which is really nice. We hope we are successful soon with selling our car. Because this really is a bummer at the moment. But first of all I have to get back to work. Didn't work for two days and also took of thursday.
I'm sorry for this chaotic post, I'm not really good about blogging at the moment. Mostly because my time is so limited and there's so much stuff to do/sh*t going on.
Yesterday while Sisto went to see a show I finished the cover for our blanket. (The patchwork project I posted about every once in a while.) This took so long I'm really glad it's finished. I'm particularly bad about the last seams with such projects because it's just straight and long lines and a lot of handling issues with a huge pile of fabric... But it's done. And looks great. If I don't forget I might post pictures another time. But right now I'm too tired and it's dark and you also already saw most of it.
Today we enjoyed some frozen strawberry-banana smush. So good since the sun was shining and it was just a really nice day. We did our laundry. I'm always relieved after I'm done with laundry because it takes so much time. But then it immediately starts to fill up again.
Here's food and other things for you to watch, have a nice day!
different days, different crossroads and some nice houses, too...

applecrisp, vanilla pudding, soy cream on thursday

Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Another sunday report

Soo. Not much going on. I'm still working, still able to maintain my quote. Usually it looks really bad until the last day of the week but then somehow I manage to raise a lot of money and another two weeks of works are secured. 
We changed campaign in the middle of the weeks, too. Now I'm trying to get people involved with environmental issues. More my pair of shoes. 
Apart from a couple of nasty days, Portland's already dressed in it's spring gown. So many flowers. On bright and sunny days while I'm driving home from work I enjoy the beauty of the flowers that match the bright colors of the houses. And I really like this weird shrub on the first picture, I wonder if it's native to the region since I see it a lot in Portland but have never seen it before.. Someone here who knows it??
Our house though is not beautiful at all but at least we have one bunch of "Osterglocken".

Samstag, 9. März 2013

Short review of my week

Worked lots of hours in rainy cold and on sunshiny days. Talked to my family on the phone. Fell asleep during two attempts to watch a movie. Soaked in a hot tub with a friend while having a beer. Made and recorded some wall noise. Unpacked a huge package from germany. Watched sparrows gathering nesting material. Probably ate too much pudding, cake and cookies. Didn't win the lottery.