Samstag, 30. Juni 2012


Yet we saw them sometimes dead on the street. And one sceleton in the woods. But we didn't have the pleasure to see a living Armadillo so far.

Until today we had a very direct encounter with this little cute and funny creature.
The armadillo looked like a little pig and pig-like it nuzzled it's snout through the ground. It wasn't running away from us. It didn't even mind when we went as close as about one meter. I guess Sisto reached with his hand about 10 cm upon it. Well then it got startled, made a little jump and ran away.

Oh how lucky we are!

Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Ice Cream ***

I have to inform you about the following:

Tomorrow, june 30th, is vegan pizza day!
Get prepared and have vegan pizza for breakfast, dinner and/or lunch!

Today I finished up the cold and creamy deliciousness..

Home made vegan ice cream sandwich. You get the idea..

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Big bugs or About the house of our dreams

Today I could write about really big bugs. They are called palmetto bugs and one was found in the same bed we are sleeping in now. Luckily that was before we slept in there and when someone else had to deal with the creature. But today I could meet and greet one of this kind and show it to you:

Today I could either write about big bugs and colorful spiders (possibly a black widow, I'm not sure) or show you pictures of a house we visited. My family-in-law is looking for a house. It shall be bigger and closer in town than the one we're living in currently. So we went to that house (we saw before) and which Sisto an me enjoyed from the first moment on. We over all liked the garden and entry setting.

Little hedges and broken concrete mixed with red and yellow stone patterns. A nice backyard with lots of potential. Wild growth right now. Some stone paths and a back door into the kitchen.

 But here's the entry. Into kind of a Florida room. Then you enter the living room. It was big and one side had just windows which I like a lot. The house we're living in right know doesn't have lots of windows. It's made to keep the heat out and therefore is very dark inside. But I enjoy lots of windows and big windows, so the light can reach every little spot in a room. I don't feel well if it's dark inside all the time.
Florida room /entry

living room
Then you've got the kitchen. It wasn't big but had enough space for everything and a big window in the middle. The color is neat, too, isn't it?
 In the backyard they had a tiny little house. "The office". Well, it was more like a little workshop (including a toilet and a basin). Or an outside bathroom. But still. A nice little house.
I didn't make pictures of the bedrooms. They had bent walls. The family didn't like that. But we think it's charming. This house definitely had lots of character and we felt that it had been home to a happy family. It would be the perfect home for us. But since we don't wanna stay in Inverness at all this   was just another dream of how we'd love to live. With a swing hanging in an old, big tree.

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

In the woods

The mixture is what is most alien about the woods here: Dense undergroth and small trees full of moss mixed with small pine trees, there are mushrooms and every now and then you run into a cactus. Then it gets lighter and airy, with just a few plants on the bottom and those huge pine trees. The soil is mixed with sand, and it feels like you're not too far from the sea. (Well, maybe just to me.) It is silent there. 
A dense silence. And you should be protected against the mosquitos.

Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Yesterday's project, today's craving..

 A little bit of modification on an old shirt.. Just some random stitchin'. And chocolate pudding (still from germany, that dark chocolate version from Dr.Ö) and creamed coconut milk. So easy and delicious. If I had known before.. I just opened a cooled can of coconut milk and blended it with my immersion blender. Give it a try.

(You either can just take some of the firm mass that usually sits on the top and mix it with a little bit of soy/ or whatever plant based milk. Flavor it with vanilla or a little bit of agave sirup or blend in some fresh berries. I tried it some days ago to decorate a cupcake and was flabbergasted. A miracle.)

Tomorrow I'm going to show you pictures from our little walk today.
 In case you  wanna know how Florida forest looks like..

And since there is a storm outside that has been in the news   
and still is: We're not in a hassle. 
Today lots of fresh air and sun in between, 
"beach weather" how I use to say. 

Colorado 's got some serious fire problems while Florida is flooded. The world really is doomed.

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

The Rain

When it's raining mushrooms are growing in warp speed. All of a sudden they appear everywhere in the yard over night. Big ones, small ones, yellow ones, white and brown ones.

Unfortunately some like to grow on my shoes, too. I put the other pair into the washing machine and this one to the trash bin.

And my mother in law is dreaming of fried mushrooms and onions...

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Tropical Storm

It's 3 o' clock. It's dark and rain is pouring down. The tropical storm is crossing Florida right in this area. A bit further down there might be tornados. That's terrible. Here it's just rain and some wind. Not too much wind since we're in the forrest.

Sisto made zucchini pasta again. This time for both of us. Delicious. The sauce tastes a bit like "Zwergenwiese" spread. Zucchini kernels, celery stalk, onion, dried tomatoes, curry.

We should definitely watch a movie now!

Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Dinner for two

Today I started a liver cleanse. For six weeks the first thing I will eat/drink every day will be a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. About that.
I wonder if my disastrous skin will become better.

Not much to say about the day. We drove to Crystal River to have a look at an old VW vanagon. But it was already sold and the guy didn't have a title anyway. But this makes us aware now about titles and stuff like that while looking for the perfect vessel.
Dinner was perfect. Sisto had raw zucchini pasta with an oh-so-delicious sauce and I had to make a photo of him and the perfect dish. I got myself Tortellini (imported dm-vegetable-Tortellini) with spinach. Yummy.
So here I present: Him eating it!

Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

On the road

Today we went to Ocala. That's about an hour drive from where we are located. I wanted to go to the social security administration to check back if my social security application is processing. It wasn't. So I had to apply and will get my number in about two weeks. Yeay.

We connected this with a look into a Goodwill Superstore. A really big thrift store that was unfortunately a bit disappointing. They seem to sell out the interesting stuff on the internet. I just saw another nice plate. (And had to pick it. It's on the picture below.)

After the office stuff was done we also visited a really nice and big health food store: Earth Origins. Oh my, how impressive. If we were rich we would've bought every vegan and raw product they had. But unfortunately we're not. So we just took a few things like unsweetend coconut flakes that seem to be rare in common shops, a not too expensive plain soy yoghurt (that's not on the picture because it was already in the fridge) and something to put in our mouths immediately:

mmh - i finally found peanut butter puffins*

Sisto got some yummy raw bars, I got a vegan tuna sandwich and a huge peanut butter cookie.

On the way back from Ocala we entered a tiny little thrift store that didn't look very promising from the outside but as we went in it revealed lots of treasures. Above you can see what we fished out of the filled shelves. Just that plate is, as I told you before, from the Goodwill. The little unicorn is a salt shaker. Cute, isn't it?

I also started my first sewing project. It was a lot of hand work cause I don't have a new belt for my sewing machine yet and had to turn the wheel to get go. Now I have a nice pouch for my clothespins. I always adored the shape of these clothespins and now I own a whole bunch of them. Well, enough about cute stuff. We still have to get a little bit done right now. Have a good evening all you folks!

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

From Scratch

Quiche crust. 1/2 onion, 1 piece of garlic, 3 big carrots, 1 celery stalk, 1/2 can black eyed peas, 1 spring onion, some kale, 4 cherry tomatoes, yeasted white gravy. Delicious!

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Noch mehr Idylle

In der Abenddämmerung die Nachbarskatze streicheln. Den Grillen zuhören, während die ersten Fledermäuse über dem Dach herum zischen. Dann einen leichten Sommerregen auf der Haut und im zurückgehenden Licht einen Vogel im Wald sich zu den Grillen gesellend hören, während über der Wiese Glühwürmchen aufblinken, als wäre der Wald voll mit Magie.

my backyard workshop

It's pieceful. It's quiet. There's just wind, birds, some squirrels and me.

Hell, yeah! I'm really kind of sitting in the forrest. Some days ago, when I made the picture above, reading my new book, the sun was shining. Now the sky is covered with clouds. Currently I am trying out some wire figures like the red fish I made last summer. And making photos of myself hanging around. The wind blew away all those little prepared paper pieces two times. I guess this is the only bug with that space. I get myself back to work!