Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

On the road

Today we went to Ocala. That's about an hour drive from where we are located. I wanted to go to the social security administration to check back if my social security application is processing. It wasn't. So I had to apply and will get my number in about two weeks. Yeay.

We connected this with a look into a Goodwill Superstore. A really big thrift store that was unfortunately a bit disappointing. They seem to sell out the interesting stuff on the internet. I just saw another nice plate. (And had to pick it. It's on the picture below.)

After the office stuff was done we also visited a really nice and big health food store: Earth Origins. Oh my, how impressive. If we were rich we would've bought every vegan and raw product they had. But unfortunately we're not. So we just took a few things like unsweetend coconut flakes that seem to be rare in common shops, a not too expensive plain soy yoghurt (that's not on the picture because it was already in the fridge) and something to put in our mouths immediately:

mmh - i finally found peanut butter puffins*

Sisto got some yummy raw bars, I got a vegan tuna sandwich and a huge peanut butter cookie.

On the way back from Ocala we entered a tiny little thrift store that didn't look very promising from the outside but as we went in it revealed lots of treasures. Above you can see what we fished out of the filled shelves. Just that plate is, as I told you before, from the Goodwill. The little unicorn is a salt shaker. Cute, isn't it?

I also started my first sewing project. It was a lot of hand work cause I don't have a new belt for my sewing machine yet and had to turn the wheel to get go. Now I have a nice pouch for my clothespins. I always adored the shape of these clothespins and now I own a whole bunch of them. Well, enough about cute stuff. We still have to get a little bit done right now. Have a good evening all you folks!

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