Dienstag, 29. April 2014

It's the day of the big move. In 15 minutes we'll start driving to Miami. Then we'll be on boats for the next two weeks. Then Europe. See you there and take care of yourself!

Dienstag, 22. April 2014


A week from today we'll be sitting on a cruise ship and leaving Florida.
Not yet the States since New York is on our way and we might leave the ship there for a moment. Not yet America because Halifax is another stop and we sure wanna do a little tour over there.
But apart from this were pretty close to say farewell.

A box is packed. Two suitcases almost full. And still a lot of things laying around and being used from day to day. So yes, it's messy. It's a weird mixture of being happy to go back to Europe for me and having those last moments over here.
Going to Ocala the last time today. Shitty town. But that was part of our life the last year. Last time drinking the bestest chia loaded kombucha. Last time sitting in "our" little park next to the rail road tracks.
All those last moments.
Not knowing when we'll see Sistos family again once we leave.
And together both coming to realize that we didn't make it over here.
Yes, it's a weird mixture of feeling happy and sad.
Just one more week.

Freitag, 11. April 2014

Look what I ate!

I'm so excited. Two days ago I picked the first batch of MINI-mini carrots. The ones that were standing far too close. Yeah, I guess I should have done that like weeks ago, maybe even months, but I thought that spacing them was a waste of plants. Whatever. Now I got lots of tinys but I don't care!

Carrots. And carrot greens. And kale. And "Postelein".

Since it's less than three weeks until us on the boat my goal is to empty the pantry and the yard. No more store bought lettuce. And trying to cook off everything that's already there. My sister was of great help with that goal. We managed to rid a couple of jars. On top of eating that batch of eggplant. And on top of trying a lot of things that you gotta try when you come visit. Like tofurky sausages. Or ice cream.  Or that bunch of other delicious things that you can buy here but not there. You got the idea.

But as I said we still ate a lot from the pantry.

(On top you got some variation on tomato soup with the rest of home made sauerkraut and some vegan bologna topping. Underneath israeli couscous with carrot green - macadamia - kale pesto, tomatoes and postelein.

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Inconsiderate critters

What have mosquitos, fleas and mice in common?
Right, they're keeping me awake.

It's a little past three in the morning and I have been sitting in the bed, hoping to not wake the person sleeping next to me while waiting for fleas to tickle and mosquitos to "ssssssssssssssssssss". So that I'd have the chance of catching them before they get to me.

And while I'm restlessly awake a very inconsiderate mouse is rumbling around the kitchen. What the heck? -
Three days ago we knew we had a rodent again after our two peaches both had bite marks. Thanks for nibbling each a bit. We put everything we thought they'd eat in the fridge.
Two days ago one of the unripe mangoes had a huge hole.
Yesterday they ate a whole banana which we had forgotten to cover. -
So tonight while not being able to get to anything they make a big fuzz, with things falling and such.

I just wish time was going a little faster and I was already a little further away,
from all those damn "botherlings"!

Sonntag, 6. April 2014


Three busy weeks lay behind us. We've been around quite a bit: hiking and visiting St. Pete and the beach, going to Gainesville, cooking and baking. All with my little sister who made it across the ocean in a spontaneous trip visiting us in Florida while we're still here. Too much to write much more than we had a great time.

And we've reached our last weeks here in Florida and the U.S., soon we'll be on a boat that takes us back to Europe...