Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Inconsiderate critters

What have mosquitos, fleas and mice in common?
Right, they're keeping me awake.

It's a little past three in the morning and I have been sitting in the bed, hoping to not wake the person sleeping next to me while waiting for fleas to tickle and mosquitos to "ssssssssssssssssssss". So that I'd have the chance of catching them before they get to me.

And while I'm restlessly awake a very inconsiderate mouse is rumbling around the kitchen. What the heck? -
Three days ago we knew we had a rodent again after our two peaches both had bite marks. Thanks for nibbling each a bit. We put everything we thought they'd eat in the fridge.
Two days ago one of the unripe mangoes had a huge hole.
Yesterday they ate a whole banana which we had forgotten to cover. -
So tonight while not being able to get to anything they make a big fuzz, with things falling and such.

I just wish time was going a little faster and I was already a little further away,
from all those damn "botherlings"!

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