Sonntag, 28. April 2013

The last couple of days we didn't have internet at home. I don't know why. And it's still not working. But I already tried to figure out the problem and had a ten minute talk without getting any further.
So this is why I never was able to finish about our trip to the coast.
I'm at New Seasons now, so I still won't be able to finish up, but now you at least know why this place was kind of abandoned. Sorry for that.

Apart from that: lots of work. And on tuesday we have to leave our place while I will be working until thursday. So lot's of organizing and packing within my free evenings.
What filled up your days and nights?

Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Astoria II

We started our search for the big rock. And couldn't find it. So we decided to walk a little bit through the town. We made it some blocks up on the hill and the view became amazing. Further up on the top the sight was unbeatable! I made pictures but it doesn't look as stunning as when we were standing there. 
We came across the little old jail that became the Oregon Film Museum after it had been used in the opening scene of "The Goonies" and I could find out the location of the giant rock. Yes! But it was NOT in Astoria. So we decided to visit that place on our way back to PDX the next morning.
So we spent the rest of the day riding the trolley (a 100 year-old streetcar which runs along the trail that we walked that morning); watching a 3D shark movie that wasn't about sharks that much at the Maritime Museum;  learning that buried in and around the bay lie about 2000 ship wrecks that the Columbia River Bar (the line where ocean water and river water meets) crushed since the early days.
We ended the day driving over the huge bridge a little bit into the state of Washington. Watching a beautiful sunset, going for a little walk in the woods and sleeping next to the street in a very sleepy small town that I even forgot the name if.

next morning rainbow dawn

Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Astoria I

We woke up sunday having the urge to go straight to Astoria. So we did. Stocking up on things for breakfast, driving over a bridge, it was just a couple of miles. Entering Astoria we were excited by the looks of the giant bridge that crosses the Columbia river. Went onto the first parking lot close to the river and had breakfast. 
Then we went for a walk. A giant ship just entered the river and passed us. We enjoyed being at the water front and walked along a trail that was going on along the river for the whole length of the town. Exploring lots and lots of things in the water and on the hills that are covered by really beautiful houses.
After a long while next to the tracks of Astorias "trolley" which we found out was running that day but it wasn't running that early. We finally came to a spot were we started to hear the loud voices and barks of sea lions. I knew there were sea lions and that they might be in the harbor but hearing and seeing them was such an amazing and flabbergasting experience that it is hard to describe. We stood there listening and watching them for a long while though they were pretty far away. 
Then we went back to the car and started our search for the big rock (that I posted a picture of a couple of days ago). 

Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Fort Stevens State Park

these two pictures: seaside still, but there's more:

I already told you that we went to Fort Stevens State Park later on our first day. We wanted to see the wreck we had found out about online but also in our Oregon State Park travel guide after a friend had told us to visit the park. It was gorgeous.
We just went for a couple of hours and spent some of them sitting in our car, watching the sea while it was raining. Oh yeah - that's pretty much the american way. So many people parked their cars next to us for five to ten minutes, made a picture, maybe went onto the beach for about ten steps and left again in their 5 mpg monster cars.
We left at dusk since the sky wasn't going to be clear again and we wouldn't be able to see the aurora. Spent some time walking through some store that we found a good place to use for our over night parking and went to sleep early.

And I still have more pictures of see creatures found that day and things we've seen in Seaside and the park.


Saturday we went off towards the beach.
We arrived in Seaside around the middle of the day, the sun was out and we just went right on to the beach. A beautiful sight with huge cliffs to the left and a wide sandy beach to our right. 15 minutes later while walking along the beach we noticed the clouds and a couple minutes later it started to hale. The weather was kind of unsteady for the rest of the day. But we were kind of lucky and the rain didn't last too long and took long sunny breaks, too. We saw the touristy town center, a small mall full of souvenirs and with an old carrousel in the middle. We went along the beach for a while and along side the shore of a little bay full of dead white wood. We went to an estate sale in the sweetest little house you can imagine.

We also found a shark larvae kind of thing. It was really weird. Looked kind of creepy and when Sisto first touched it with his foot to turn it around still moved a little bit. It looked like a big tadpole with a shark face.
do you make weird faces, too, when you try to make a picture of yourself?
Later when we had seen enough of that tiny little village we decided to drive to see the wreck of an old ship at Fort Stevens State Park. Another great beach with lots and lots of dead wood pieces and that said wreck. I took so many pictures that three days, I can't decide what to show. I guess there's gonna be a lot more.

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Back from the coast

There's no time to tell you about all that amazing stuff we experienced and saw on our short vacation at the coast, but here's a little riddle for you: Who can tell me in which great children's movie you can see this giant rock?

Freitag, 12. April 2013

Another week - almost over. One more day of work and then we're going to the sea. Spending a couple of days at the coast since I haven't even seen it (here in Oregon). Yeah, I know, that's unacceptable. Wish us luck regarding the weather... right now it's pretty unsteady here in Portland.

Montag, 8. April 2013

An accident

It feel a little bit like I accidentally stepped into a piece of dog poop. We just went to see a movie in the cinema. Evil dead. (The remake.) Guess we won't make that mistake again. Watching new horror movies is nothing to recommend. Just sayin'..

Apart from that here's a little sunday announcement:
We're moving again. Back to the east coast we'll go to gain new strength - haha -, to explore a little bit more of Florida's wild lands and to catch some sun. And then we'll see what happens, where we end, if we give PDX another chance (a better planned one) or if it's gonna be another place somewhere in the wild "Wild West".

In case, dear reader, you're from Portland or know people here who might need a room, or two, even three, feel free to leave your email.

Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

Sold a car. Registered another. Good news.

Shitty day though. They just cut our food stamps while we just got the news that we have to pay a fine for not having insurance on the van without turning in our license and plates. And I even called the insurance if we would need to take any action when it runs out.
Also I only raised 9 dollar today and not much more that whole week.

Do I need to say that I'm stressed out right now?

Montag, 1. April 2013



I just got myself a cone of soft serve - vanilla chocolate swirl - though todays weather isn't as sunny as yesterday. Yesterday we were at the beach for a little walk. (Not the sea beach but the river beach at kelley point park.) Oh how beautiful that was! Dead wood and huge roots were all over. We saw two bald eagles flying through the woods just a little above our heads. Bald eagles, yes!
I didn't even know they live here.. Now I do.
Later we went for another walk in the neighborhood and I took a couple pictures to share blossoming happiness with ya'll.

summer salad with olive ciabatta