Mittwoch, 17. April 2013


Saturday we went off towards the beach.
We arrived in Seaside around the middle of the day, the sun was out and we just went right on to the beach. A beautiful sight with huge cliffs to the left and a wide sandy beach to our right. 15 minutes later while walking along the beach we noticed the clouds and a couple minutes later it started to hale. The weather was kind of unsteady for the rest of the day. But we were kind of lucky and the rain didn't last too long and took long sunny breaks, too. We saw the touristy town center, a small mall full of souvenirs and with an old carrousel in the middle. We went along the beach for a while and along side the shore of a little bay full of dead white wood. We went to an estate sale in the sweetest little house you can imagine.

We also found a shark larvae kind of thing. It was really weird. Looked kind of creepy and when Sisto first touched it with his foot to turn it around still moved a little bit. It looked like a big tadpole with a shark face.
do you make weird faces, too, when you try to make a picture of yourself?
Later when we had seen enough of that tiny little village we decided to drive to see the wreck of an old ship at Fort Stevens State Park. Another great beach with lots and lots of dead wood pieces and that said wreck. I took so many pictures that three days, I can't decide what to show. I guess there's gonna be a lot more.

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