Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Fort Stevens State Park

these two pictures: seaside still, but there's more:

I already told you that we went to Fort Stevens State Park later on our first day. We wanted to see the wreck we had found out about online but also in our Oregon State Park travel guide after a friend had told us to visit the park. It was gorgeous.
We just went for a couple of hours and spent some of them sitting in our car, watching the sea while it was raining. Oh yeah - that's pretty much the american way. So many people parked their cars next to us for five to ten minutes, made a picture, maybe went onto the beach for about ten steps and left again in their 5 mpg monster cars.
We left at dusk since the sky wasn't going to be clear again and we wouldn't be able to see the aurora. Spent some time walking through some store that we found a good place to use for our over night parking and went to sleep early.

And I still have more pictures of see creatures found that day and things we've seen in Seaside and the park.

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