Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012


Actually I found out that this job is nice somehow. I mean, not totally nice. My shoulders still hurt and I don't want to talk to all those people in the suburbs. But apart from that it is kind of nice to be outside for a while everyday. It probably is a healthy job, as long as it's possible to stay dry because you're in the fresh air all the time. And I saw some beautiful spots, those last days. And when the trees are incredibly red or yellow and it looks just so awesome you sometimes forget about the time and that you still have two more hours to go or whatever. So, yeah, it's kind of ok most of the times.

(Not today. Today it was raining all day long. I'm soaked. My shoes were flooded at a certain point. And I was more than glad I didn't have to do a 10 hour shift as I had planned before.)

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Friday again?

I cannot believe the weeks almost over again. Days are rushing through. I wake up. Tired. Hang around for a while. Eat late breakfast. Eat early lunch. Hurry to be at work on time. Tired. Walk through Vancouver suburbs trying to convince religious dickheads that it is less a religious question than a human rights question for same-sex couples to have the freedom to marry. Get doors slammed in my face. Oh the looks.. But still talk to some pretty nice and supporting folks, too. Rain. Sun. Cold. It gets dark early and I'm lost in between hidden numbers of giant houses. I never realized that almost everybody has a dog. Or two. At least in Vancouver. So many dogs. So many barking dogs. Coming home late. Eating late dinner. Still tired. Falling asleep soon. Next day the same. 12 days to go.

I hope for a permanent job that doesn't suck.
I really do.

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

End of the week - end

Sisto is playing around with his musical laboratory while the weekend slowly fades out.

I played my first show here in Portland. And my first ever US-show. Apart from that I could perform together with Pulse Emitter's beautiful live set. To me this is such an honor.
Probably most of the people didn't get the story and unfortunately the screen was very low, so I guess a big part of the audience couldn't see the complete image. But apart from that I really enjoyed it.

After the show we left the festival to see a show of Brizbomb and Sporay and a lot of other projects in Vancouver, WA. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to. Brizbomb was intense. And so were Fetid Rope, [view], Ruhe and Sporay. The venue was great, too. A workshop filled with old radios, weird masks, music instruments, power tools, a tape collection and other crazy stuff.

Just the moment of being in our car after the concert - crazy late - finding out that the old van wouldn't want to start was kind of annoying. After 15 horrible minutes of trying different things Sisto disconnected the battery for a moment and the car brought us back home.

Getting to know more people, seeing awesome places and having a lot of fun at shows: this weekend was intense!

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Good news

We found a house. Better said, we found a bunch of people who found a house. And since they seem to be pretty nice and the sort of people we can imagine to live with we decided to move in with them. So yeah! finally a home.

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Sorry for my absence

I'm currently on a temporary full time job. I'm registering voters for the coming elections since in Oregon you can only vote by mail. We still do not have a long term home. Subletting a room until mid november. And this job is not at all, what I want to do. Canvassing. But at least a little bit of money to pay rent. Yeah.

Just in case there are Portlanders around:
On the weekend of october 20th there a comic and art festival at the IPRC. There's workshops going on and a lot of shows. I will be performing together with Pulse Emitter. It's my overhead projector performance "maia bambul's shadows".
We play saturday at 6 pm.

HERE is a little interview which one of the girls from the festival did. So, if you wanna know what I'm doing just come around and enjoy the festival!

Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

Did you know?

It's vegan MOFO again.
For all those big question mark faces: it's the vegan month of food. That means tons of awesome new recipes every day around the vegan blog world.
And giveaways, too.

THIS is the place to start your journey.
And this is one of the reasons why you should consider to be inspired by vegan cooking and baking:

Got Milk?

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Sorry for all those sentimentalities

Just saying.

Kale chips are awesome! Just had some. Even raw. With jalapeno cheese (not).
Being vegan makes me happy. Believe me. It feels so good to bite into something that grew on a field. Or hung from a tree.
And having this super awesome dude sleeping right next to me is as awesome as the kale.

Mixed feelings

Still no rain in Portland. Instead the sun is shining happily above our heads and a little bit of wind starts to blow first leaves around the street. (But mostly dust because it hasn't been raining.)

We have spent the last days wondering around town to apply for jobs or just get an image of the neighborhood. We moved into our sublet two days ago. We are constantly admiring beautiful houses and at the same time wondering who can afford to rent those. Not us.

I wish I could show you those streets. Two times we have plucked a ripe fig from trees in the front yard. A lot of times you feel like walking through somebody's garden because people grow flowers, trees or even produce on between street and sidewalk. And nobody complains about it. Those are the reasons for us to want to stay here. But we're not sure yet.

Still we have a hard time finding an affordable place to stay. We don't want to sublet. We're not comfortable living with other people. But we cannot afford thousand dollar for rent alone. Who can? Oh yes, I forgot. People with real jobs.

We don't have jobs yet. We might have a short term job for two weeks. And I probably have an interview which is already a step forward. But after all, this is a fragile thing. And the view friends we have here will sooner or later leave the town.

Today we took a rest from all those questions and searches. Today we had a lazy day. Today we watched IT. Watching horror movies in the daytime doesn't give me the creeps. It was fun.