Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Friday again?

I cannot believe the weeks almost over again. Days are rushing through. I wake up. Tired. Hang around for a while. Eat late breakfast. Eat early lunch. Hurry to be at work on time. Tired. Walk through Vancouver suburbs trying to convince religious dickheads that it is less a religious question than a human rights question for same-sex couples to have the freedom to marry. Get doors slammed in my face. Oh the looks.. But still talk to some pretty nice and supporting folks, too. Rain. Sun. Cold. It gets dark early and I'm lost in between hidden numbers of giant houses. I never realized that almost everybody has a dog. Or two. At least in Vancouver. So many dogs. So many barking dogs. Coming home late. Eating late dinner. Still tired. Falling asleep soon. Next day the same. 12 days to go.

I hope for a permanent job that doesn't suck.
I really do.


Lillesis hat gesagt…

I'm trying to send you some sunshine for the next few days until its over! Tell me if it works. ;)

birrrd hat gesagt…

Hm, today it didn't. But friday there was definitely some sun..