Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012


Actually I found out that this job is nice somehow. I mean, not totally nice. My shoulders still hurt and I don't want to talk to all those people in the suburbs. But apart from that it is kind of nice to be outside for a while everyday. It probably is a healthy job, as long as it's possible to stay dry because you're in the fresh air all the time. And I saw some beautiful spots, those last days. And when the trees are incredibly red or yellow and it looks just so awesome you sometimes forget about the time and that you still have two more hours to go or whatever. So, yeah, it's kind of ok most of the times.

(Not today. Today it was raining all day long. I'm soaked. My shoes were flooded at a certain point. And I was more than glad I didn't have to do a 10 hour shift as I had planned before.)

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Schwesterherz! Hoffentlich sind die naechsten Tage wieder trockener, damit du nicht einen ganzen Tag wie ein nasser Pudel herumlaufen musst, das ist ja fies. Aber ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass der Job an sonnigen Herbsttagen auch schoene Seiten hat. :)
Ich drueck dich!