Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Sorry for all those sentimentalities

Just saying.

Kale chips are awesome! Just had some. Even raw. With jalapeno cheese (not).
Being vegan makes me happy. Believe me. It feels so good to bite into something that grew on a field. Or hung from a tree.
And having this super awesome dude sleeping right next to me is as awesome as the kale.


Celine hat gesagt…

I love kale chips too! And being vegan. And having a super awesome dude nearby. (Except for the snoring = I love earplugs.)

Say, I'm new here. Are you German or just liking the language? I'm so nosy.

birrrd hat gesagt…

Hi Celine, it's nice you came around..

Being nosy is totally fine with me! I'm german. Just moved to Portland, since this awesome dude next to me is american and wanted to live in the States again.

The snoring part is mine in our little ecosystem. But when I feed him enough kale he won't complain about it.