Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Astoria II

We started our search for the big rock. And couldn't find it. So we decided to walk a little bit through the town. We made it some blocks up on the hill and the view became amazing. Further up on the top the sight was unbeatable! I made pictures but it doesn't look as stunning as when we were standing there. 
We came across the little old jail that became the Oregon Film Museum after it had been used in the opening scene of "The Goonies" and I could find out the location of the giant rock. Yes! But it was NOT in Astoria. So we decided to visit that place on our way back to PDX the next morning.
So we spent the rest of the day riding the trolley (a 100 year-old streetcar which runs along the trail that we walked that morning); watching a 3D shark movie that wasn't about sharks that much at the Maritime Museum;  learning that buried in and around the bay lie about 2000 ship wrecks that the Columbia River Bar (the line where ocean water and river water meets) crushed since the early days.
We ended the day driving over the huge bridge a little bit into the state of Washington. Watching a beautiful sunset, going for a little walk in the woods and sleeping next to the street in a very sleepy small town that I even forgot the name if.

next morning rainbow dawn

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