Montag, 8. April 2013

An accident

It feel a little bit like I accidentally stepped into a piece of dog poop. We just went to see a movie in the cinema. Evil dead. (The remake.) Guess we won't make that mistake again. Watching new horror movies is nothing to recommend. Just sayin'..

Apart from that here's a little sunday announcement:
We're moving again. Back to the east coast we'll go to gain new strength - haha -, to explore a little bit more of Florida's wild lands and to catch some sun. And then we'll see what happens, where we end, if we give PDX another chance (a better planned one) or if it's gonna be another place somewhere in the wild "Wild West".

In case, dear reader, you're from Portland or know people here who might need a room, or two, even three, feel free to leave your email.

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