Dienstag, 22. April 2014


A week from today we'll be sitting on a cruise ship and leaving Florida.
Not yet the States since New York is on our way and we might leave the ship there for a moment. Not yet America because Halifax is another stop and we sure wanna do a little tour over there.
But apart from this were pretty close to say farewell.

A box is packed. Two suitcases almost full. And still a lot of things laying around and being used from day to day. So yes, it's messy. It's a weird mixture of being happy to go back to Europe for me and having those last moments over here.
Going to Ocala the last time today. Shitty town. But that was part of our life the last year. Last time drinking the bestest chia loaded kombucha. Last time sitting in "our" little park next to the rail road tracks.
All those last moments.
Not knowing when we'll see Sistos family again once we leave.
And together both coming to realize that we didn't make it over here.
Yes, it's a weird mixture of feeling happy and sad.
Just one more week.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Aber wir, wir freuen uns!
The polsum six

birrrd hat gesagt…

: ) Ich freu mich auch!