Montag, 25. Juni 2012

The Rain

When it's raining mushrooms are growing in warp speed. All of a sudden they appear everywhere in the yard over night. Big ones, small ones, yellow ones, white and brown ones.

Unfortunately some like to grow on my shoes, too. I put the other pair into the washing machine and this one to the trash bin.

And my mother in law is dreaming of fried mushrooms and onions...


Lillesis hat gesagt…

So, the storm is over?
Mushrooms are growing here as well, but not as big and beautiful as those you captured. :)
How are you going to cook them?

birrrd hat gesagt…

Oh - we're not going to eat them. a. is not 100% sure if they are edible cause she just knows about the german mushrooms. she believes they are but doesn't know for sure. so she just took them to have a closer look at them..
Storm is not really over yet. It's still hanging above Florida region. And probably will stay until weekend or beginning of next week. Here it has been quite today and still is. But it can get worse again.
We were wondering if it was on german evening news? Cause it is kind of a big deal here right now.
Good morning - I go to sleep right now** S just fell asleep.