Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Yesterday's project, today's craving..

 A little bit of modification on an old shirt.. Just some random stitchin'. And chocolate pudding (still from germany, that dark chocolate version from Dr.Ö) and creamed coconut milk. So easy and delicious. If I had known before.. I just opened a cooled can of coconut milk and blended it with my immersion blender. Give it a try.

(You either can just take some of the firm mass that usually sits on the top and mix it with a little bit of soy/ or whatever plant based milk. Flavor it with vanilla or a little bit of agave sirup or blend in some fresh berries. I tried it some days ago to decorate a cupcake and was flabbergasted. A miracle.)

Tomorrow I'm going to show you pictures from our little walk today.
 In case you  wanna know how Florida forest looks like..

And since there is a storm outside that has been in the news   
and still is: We're not in a hassle. 
Today lots of fresh air and sun in between, 
"beach weather" how I use to say. 

Colorado 's got some serious fire problems while Florida is flooded. The world really is doomed.


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Hmm, you'd be making me hungry if I hadn't eaten just now. ^^ It looks and sounds delicious.
No, I just heard about the stor from you. But I don't watch the news, so maybe I'm just not well informed.

nähmarie hat gesagt…

Motorschiff Stubnitz! ♥