Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Big bugs or About the house of our dreams

Today I could write about really big bugs. They are called palmetto bugs and one was found in the same bed we are sleeping in now. Luckily that was before we slept in there and when someone else had to deal with the creature. But today I could meet and greet one of this kind and show it to you:

Today I could either write about big bugs and colorful spiders (possibly a black widow, I'm not sure) or show you pictures of a house we visited. My family-in-law is looking for a house. It shall be bigger and closer in town than the one we're living in currently. So we went to that house (we saw before) and which Sisto an me enjoyed from the first moment on. We over all liked the garden and entry setting.

Little hedges and broken concrete mixed with red and yellow stone patterns. A nice backyard with lots of potential. Wild growth right now. Some stone paths and a back door into the kitchen.

 But here's the entry. Into kind of a Florida room. Then you enter the living room. It was big and one side had just windows which I like a lot. The house we're living in right know doesn't have lots of windows. It's made to keep the heat out and therefore is very dark inside. But I enjoy lots of windows and big windows, so the light can reach every little spot in a room. I don't feel well if it's dark inside all the time.
Florida room /entry

living room
Then you've got the kitchen. It wasn't big but had enough space for everything and a big window in the middle. The color is neat, too, isn't it?
 In the backyard they had a tiny little house. "The office". Well, it was more like a little workshop (including a toilet and a basin). Or an outside bathroom. But still. A nice little house.
I didn't make pictures of the bedrooms. They had bent walls. The family didn't like that. But we think it's charming. This house definitely had lots of character and we felt that it had been home to a happy family. It would be the perfect home for us. But since we don't wanna stay in Inverness at all this   was just another dream of how we'd love to live. With a swing hanging in an old, big tree.

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