Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Another sunday report

Soo. Not much going on. I'm still working, still able to maintain my quote. Usually it looks really bad until the last day of the week but then somehow I manage to raise a lot of money and another two weeks of works are secured. 
We changed campaign in the middle of the weeks, too. Now I'm trying to get people involved with environmental issues. More my pair of shoes. 
Apart from a couple of nasty days, Portland's already dressed in it's spring gown. So many flowers. On bright and sunny days while I'm driving home from work I enjoy the beauty of the flowers that match the bright colors of the houses. And I really like this weird shrub on the first picture, I wonder if it's native to the region since I see it a lot in Portland but have never seen it before.. Someone here who knows it??
Our house though is not beautiful at all but at least we have one bunch of "Osterglocken".

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