Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

It's a new year, right?

We've had sun for three days in a row. It's cold and beautiful.

Today I made the first two recipes from the ethiopian cooking zine.. that one. niter kibbeh. seems you need it for anything if you want to cook ethiopian, so i just made it. And split pea puree.
I didn't yet eat it because I already had a sandwich with yummy crunchy fried tempeh, kale and sauerkraut. Our first batch of homemade sauerkraut! How awesome is that, right? And it was so easy. Just a little smelly. But it's so good and it's raw and healthy and cheap. (And I highly encourage everyone to try it!)
I'm back into doing nice things homey.

And I finished painting my drawer! It's in my room and it collects all my clothes. No piles on the floor any more. I'm so happy. Laying in bed last night I listened to an audio book and just enjoyed the peacefulness of my tidy space.

Today the electrician got me a new power outlet that's actually grounded. Most of the outlets in our home and most of the power lines, too, are not. It's kind of scary. But that seems to be quite normal here. Patchwork houses. Crappy insulation. Half-done things fixed by fake craftsmen. However. I'm glad I got it.

What else?
I love the alleys! 
(Have to tell you more about them another time. Remind me if I don't.)

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Reminded! ;)

You did something with the sauerkraut, do you know that? Ma was fascinated by the idea to make some yourself, and told Barbara about it. Barbara still has a huge cabbage and gave Ma half of that. Now Ma wants to make some sauerkraut herself. And Pa is going to get the worst of it, because his bathroom is the warmest room in our house, so this is where it's going to stand for fermentation. :D