Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

At the laundromat

I'm sitting at the 24 hour-laundromat. It just takes forever, so I guess I'll give you a little update on our housing nightmare..

Saturday we went to the house to have the walkthrough and when we arrived the property manager lead us to a completely different house. As we had already expected: our house wasn't done.
Actually after seeing the crew over there we were not at all not surprised that there had been no progress in those two weeks. While we were there they were hanging out in the car, smoking cigarettes, having a break or maybe they were even "working"? Who knows.

So we were put into that house down the street that's owned by the same people or at least managed by the same company. We don't pay for it nor do we pay for utilities. And we're not on the street. At least.
But since everybody of us by now is kind of a wreck it's really no hurray-situation.

Apart from that we kind of had a fight with the manager who thought we were not appreciating that they let us stay at the other place when we were asking what they were going to do regarding the unfinished house. Actually they have to give us accomodation, pay for our hotel or whatever since we're on a lease from the 1st on.

The estimated move-in by now is saturday.
...we'll see, right?

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