Freitag, 30. November 2012

BIG time questionmark

J and E signed the lease yesterday. And we got the keys.
They said that unfortunately we wouldn't be able to move into the house before sunday night. But they took off 200 bucks from the first month which is pretty awesome for one day delay.

But then yesterday night Sisto and me went to have a look at the house again ( since we had the keys) and saw that nothing's finished. They spent two weeks in the house and havn't even finished painting the walls. Three of the rooms still look as crappy as when we went to see the house. Big hole in the wall and stuff like that. And apart from that they havn't started with the floor which is supposed to be renewed. This at least takes three days. I really don't know what they've been doing in there all the time.

I really wonder how they're going to fix that situation!

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