Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Counting down days

Got fired on monday.
I didn't make quote for three days in a row. It's enough to move in at least. Hopefully Sisto's finding a job pretty soon. If not, there are a few more groups that hire people for canvassing immediately.

Now it's wednesday which means we can move in in three f*cking days. Isn't that crazy? I can't believe it. Just had a house meeting to discuss the rooms and prices.

Spending the other time looking for free stuff on craigslist. And catching light and fresh (pretty cold) air  outside. The moon is full tonight. It had a crazy bright halo yesterday night already. And the impact on my mood is questionable.

Things will be in progress again so soon!


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Hey, I'm sorry to hear that you lost the job. I'm wishing you both that you'll get (good) jobs soon! And then I'm hoping for warm nights for you and that moving will go fine.
Hugs from your Lille

Nike hat gesagt…

Hey Birrrd,
bin in letzter Zeit kaum zum kommentieren gekommen, lese aber immer noch live und direkt am Telefon mit. Gut dass Ihr bald(morgen?)in eine richtige Wohnung ziehen könnt, hier bei uns zumindest ist es nicht nur nachts abartig kalt. Und hoffentlich tut sich bald auch job-mäßig ein Türchen auf!!!
Liebe Grüße, ich denke an Euch