Dienstag, 24. April 2012


The countdown has startet. In a week this appartment will be empty and silent. The bugs will celebrate a big party. Finally without the giants that always came after them.
The spiders will party, too, some days ago they made love, and their children will be happily fed with the bugs. And people we don't know, will come here and have a look at the empty flat. And some will decide to rent it. And they will move in. Possibly they will first renovate it. Because who can live in an apartment with a yellow room? Oh, I forgot: spiders can. But who wants to live with spiders?

A strange feeling.

In less than two weeks we go to Bremerhaven. In two weeks we'll already be on that huge freight ship called MS Katharina S. There will be some metal beneath our feet and just water apart from that. And spongebob will wander around deep beyond our feet, too. In my imagination..

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Das ist wunderschön poetisch. :)