Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Yesterday Evening 1, 2, 3

1) I guess the toy sewing machine is really just a toy. (If you know better, please let me know, how to use it!) It doesn't have any bottom thread attachments in it. But eventually it's good for theatre or music or just to look at.

2) I made kale chips. They taste pretty good and are done in a minute.

3) The oatmeal raisin cookies from my favourite cookbook did convince my omni family-in-law. Well, why shouldn't they. There hasn't been even one disappointing recipe in this fabulous book.


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Aww, too bad! It'd been a nice touch if you could've used the toy sewing machine as well. But maybe it's not meant to work, as it's a toy for children - and sewing can be quite dangerous!
Yeah, kale chips are easy and taste well. And they're so crunchy. ^^

birrrd hat gesagt…

I just got an email from a friend, telling me that it might be possible to sew without the bottom yarn. they just work with a different technic. so i'll have to figure that out. And a toy sewing machine with a real needle that's not working, somehow doesn't make a sense - for mentioned safety reasons..

So, I'll give it another try!