Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Just carrot cake

after one frustrating day..


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Could you send me a piece of that? Even though my day so far wasn't frustrating ... but it looks delicious. :)
(What was the matter?)

birrrd hat gesagt…

We drove about two hours to Oldsmar to have a look at a vanagon. We talked to that lady on sunday like several times. And agreed with her to have a look on monday around noon. So two hours drive to stand in front of her house and she's not there. Her daughter or babysitter tells us she just went away until six. We got no call, no nothing from her. So we call her. She doesn't answer. We wait. She calls back and says she wrote an email this morning that she won't give away the car any more. What? Really, lady, you could phone like three times the other day to tell us the battery isn't working and other stuff but then you don't get your phone to the ear to tell us you're not selling any more? That email arrived 10:14 am, at a time when we were on the road for more than an hour. That was the matter.
You don't have the cake recipe yet? I'll send it to you if you want. It's soo easy!