Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Something for the night

I wanted to have some shirt-like, whatever, light and nice thing to wear in the night. So I did look for something to change or some fabric in thrift stores recently. I found some nice fabric, and fixed the sewing machine. (Still smelling weird, but doing it's job!)

I din't have any pattern, so I just tried to take some clothes and figure out how it could be done. Probably more cutting than if you know the exact measurements you wanna come out with. But it did work and today I also found a nice and contrasting yellow bias tape, exactly what I have been looking for, to line the armholes and collar.





Steffi hat gesagt…

Das sieht aber sehr schön aus! Gefällt mir echt gut, v.a. die gelbe Einfassung!
LG Steffi

Lillesis hat gesagt…

I can understand that you're satisfied, it looks really nice. :)
How long did it take?

birrrd hat gesagt…

Dankeschön! : )
It took some hours. But not too much. Like three alltogether? I don't know.