Freitag, 17. August 2012

A trip to the beach

Today we went on a trip to Crystal River. We still need to change at least one tire of the van and had heard of a cheap tire shop over there.

Unfortunately they didn't have a used one of our size and new tires cost about 120 $. But the two guys from the garage totally freaked out about our car. Funny.
And after all that trouble we had with it it's good to have someone who's a bit into cars freaking out about it. It reminds us that even if we had to put some money, work and tlc into the car we would get enough if we'd put it up for sale again. Yep. "If you'd put it here on the street for sale, you could get about 23" (hundred), that's what he said.

We tried to find tires at some places. We thought tires would be the easiest part. It is not.
Right now those drivers with a pick up truck can't find their size anymore and put the size of our car onto their autos. This means: our size is rare and gone immediately at the tire places. No good news.

Good news was: the beach was empty when we came there. The sky was clouded and it had rained a little. There even were some smaller waves. It was nice!
We went the little mosquito path. I had sprayed myself furthermore there weren't too many. Instead butterflies and some nice flowers. And little lizards that were hunting butterflies (one had a catch in it's mouth).

I went into the water. Real swimming. Suddenly no ground under my feet. I don't know how long I havn't been swimming. Too long. Swimming was awesome. When we drove back home I really had the feeling that we had been at the beach.

When walking in low water we suddenly saw a strange fish. First thought: a ray. No, something's wrong. This looks a bit different. Like something between fish and crab. With a shell. And flippers that were used almost like feet. It had the size of a breakfast plate.
Some ancient fish species. I just looked it up and obviously this thing is a horseshoe crab.

We shortly stopped at the mall in Crystal River since I havn't been to a mall yet and I was curious about it. Ok, it wasn't what I had expected. It was like Mülheim inner city on sunday. Dull. Most of the shops were empty. Some closed. The air smelled like popcorn and speakers transported what a girl sitting on a chair in the middle of the hall played on her guitar while singing. Something was wrong about the ratio of people and space in the large center hall.

And when we came home from our long long day Sisto got 6 letters from that stupid insurance company that didn't want to take us. Six times the same letters telling him in the same words that he doesn't fulfill their requirements. It's like a bad joke reminding me of Harry Potter getting his Hogwarts letters. Wicked, not.

We end our day by doing hippie stuff. But that's another story.

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