Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Welcome back home, little car!

Today we got the long awaited call from the garage. We can pick up our auto, it's fixed!
In about an hour we can take him back home. We're so relieved that there wasn't any big stuff wrong apart from the fuel pump.

Well, that was a strange thing. They found some hazardous fluid inside the tank that they couldn't identify. So they had to empty it completely and clean it up before replacing the broke fuel pump - which was their actual issue.
How did that stuff get into the tank? Like, what on earth did that freakin' ol' man who sold us the "reliable car" put inside? We really can't believe it!

Another topic:
Yesterday after a visit in the thrift store I could finish up the bloomers. Elastic and ribbon. Now it's done and I'm so excited about it's fit and how easy sewing was done. It's perfect as pajama bottoms. And I really wanna do more.

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