Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Have some pancakes, german pancakes, yes!

 Pancakes.. German "Pfannkuchen" with vegan cheese. Big ass food church salad. Meaning salad that was put together after we got a lot of produce and some other random food from the free food sunday appointment. What's in there: mache, kohlrabi, tomatoes, carrot, chestnuts (crumbled), beetroot, apple. You can't put too many different things into a salad. Though every once in a while a very simple green boston lettuce with a basic lemon and cream (vegan for sure) dressing like my mom used to make it paired with potatoes is heaven to me. And you can never eat enough pancakes. Also: I was kind of successful during the last weeks with my intention of making music more often. I recorded stuff every once in a while. Though I believe most of you won't like it here's some: Pfannkuchen. And I will play a show on april 9th. Noise reduction - equalizer - jealous heart - distortion - amp. Here's a good recipe for it though for savory pancakes you might wanna omit the sugar. I often just mix flour and soy milk until it makes a runny batter, eventually add a little bit of egg replacer powder though it works perfectly without, let it sit for a while, and bake it. So easy.

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