Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

When I'm thinking I start to mix english and german. What a weird thing. Do you draft letters to your friends and family in your head sometimes? Or what you're going to tell somebody when you meet them the next time? I always do. I'm phrasing stuff all the time. On my way back home I already make up what I'm going to tell Sisto. And I recently found myself doing that in english. Sometimes I have to translate it back into german because the imaginary person is a member of my family or a friend from germany. It's just so weird. Right now I wonder if I started dreaming in english, too. I'll keep an eye on that and let you know.

By the way.. here's an announcement for Portland people:
I play another show of maia bambul's shadows in a day / on march 1st. It'll take place at 5135 NE 42nd Ave (that's at the corner of sumner). I play together with Pulse Emitter and there'll be 3 other acts performing: Bran(...)Pos, J.Soliday and Ralph Barton. Show starts at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Most of the time, I do think in German. But in times when I speak/read/write a lot of English, I also tend to think in English. I also mostly sing in English. I don't know why ... maybe because these days it's the language of music.