Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Through Texas

Got another one of these bars in Austin, TX, where we're stationed until tomorrow. This time I at least made picture of the package. Bar was gone too soon again. Yumm..

The last days we went through Texas in small steps. Taking long breaks, and driving small roads since we had so much time. Unfortunately we both caught a cold and now our throats are itching and my nose is jammed. Sleeping in the car is less and less fun (when was it?) and so we're looking forward to staying in a Motel tonight and on our friends floor tomorrow. We're going to spent a lazy day in Austin, checking out raw vegan food. What else can you do in Austin?

Oh and before I forget: I totally fell in love with the beautiful part of Texas that's called Hill Country. We drove through the lushest and most colorful place since we left Oregon here. The sides of the streets are lined with yellow and red flowers, it looks like a wild flower bouquet.
It is so incredibly beautiful!

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

This looks like spring! So lush and colourful, I wish I could be there instead of grey, cold, rainy Münster. :/
Today I got a package from Amazon, and expecting something else, I just opened it without checking the adressee - and inside was a book and a letter. Turns out, it was a gift from Sisto and you! I was sooo surprised and happy, and then a little sad because now I've opened it before my birthday ...

Whatever: Vielen vielen Dank, ihr beiden, ich freu mich riesig! Das ist total süß, dass ihr auf eurer Reise an mich gedacht habt! :D
Ich wünsch euch gute Besserung und entspannte Nächte!