Montag, 8. Juli 2013


It looks as if things would slowly start to move again out here in the woods. It looks like we meet the owner of the house in town. Since he comes here from Orlando that probably means we're gonna get keys and we're going to move in. It took a long time!

And finally with moving comes: a garden!
After waiting for such a long time I cannot wait ANY longer. Today I got some compost and soil, and I got seeds. Arugula and Kale to start with.
I sowed my first batch into containers. That's why I always save everything. Now I had two of those big shells that carry baby lettuce leaves and baby spinach. The big organic ones, yes, are a perfect size I think.
1. Poked holes with a heated piece of metal.
2. Mixed 2 parts compost (peat free) with 1 part sand (like Alys Fowler advised me to).
3. Filled the containers and flattened the soil.
4. Poked holes into the surface. Deeper ones for the kale, lower for arugula seeds.
(5. Spilled some seeds on the ground and picked them up again.)
6. Put seeds into prepared holes and marked the boxes.
7. Flattened the surface again.
8. Watered everything generously.
9. Checked for any seeds on the surface and poked them into the soil.
10. Put a cover onto the boxes to protect my precious little babies from everything!

Wish me luck that the seeds germinate and grow happily so we can eat our own greens pretty soon!

For the house we're planning on having some more greens so that we have a huge variety and can pluck them all the time. Some herbs and flowers, too. The time for tomatoes and stuff is probably over, but we get them at a decent price at some local produce markets.
Garden. It's almost too good to come true. At least too good to believe...

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Wow, das sind ja endlich mal schöne Nachrichten aus dem Wilden Westen! :) Ich freu mich total für euch, hoffentlich klappt alles so, wie ihr es euch vorstellt. Ein Garten ... ich kann deine Vorfreude verstehen. :D