Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

A big Hello

and apology for not giving notice at all...
I finally made it to germany!

For already two weeks I enjoy the company of friends and family. The first days were full of sleep deprivation, organisation and preparation. Lots of things had to be done for my brothers wedding since me and my sister had high goals doing a shadow scene of their first meeting and falling in love - story.
I guess we were most surprised about the outcome and the merry couple was touched to tears.
The most surprising moment of all was how well my sister and me worked together. As well as when it comes to preparation as to setting up the actual scene.
There are no pictures yet, but if I get my hands on you'll get your sweet little moment, I promise.

After the wedding I met some friends here and there. Played with the sweetest little two year old there is. Visited my mothers country garden (Potatoes, zucchini, kuri squash and lots of flowers). Enjoy the last berries of summe and lots of soy yogurt and finally after a bazillion years made vegan marshmallows.
Last week I visited Bremen to see one of my old fellows from puppetry class. I really like Bremen and we enjoyed some touristy days around town, lots of good food - some bought some found! -, card games on her scenic roof terrace and a short camping trip.
(Sorry if my english starts getting a little weak.)

Now I'm at my parents for a short week until the weekend which I spend at my sisters place. She just moved to Utrecht and exploring this city togehter with her sounds like lots of fun.
That's it for now.
You wanna see yome really huge zucchini fruit? We cut them yesterday. I mistakenly cut the small one, too. Now what's your favorite zucchini dish???


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Hey, how did the marshmallows work out? And how did they taste?

birrrd hat gesagt…

Thanks for reminding me, I still have to put them in a box and into the fridge. I bring some.
They are really sweet but came out well. Soft, but not too soft, and they melt in your mouth. Tomorrow...

Nike hat gesagt…

Ich lese immer noch mit : )
Hoffe Du hast noch eine gute Zeit und dass Du dann auch wohlbehalten wieder in den USA ang´kommst,