Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

Foodsies in 2013

The end of the year is all about lists, isn't it? I thought I review foods that I found this year, that I tried for the first time and a little sum up of my new and old all time favorites.

Now that I am thinking a little more about it I have to admit that Tempeh, Miso and raw homemade Sauerkraut and Kimchi were already discovered last year as well as coconut water and synergy kombucha with chia seeds. But you don't mind, right?
The way I love Miso is in salad dressing or as a dressing for my pasta - pesto like. It is so satisfying and intense, at least the red one, which is the only one I know so far, I don't understand how I could have waited so long to buy it again after we moved here (2 days before christmas). - Ah, yes, the price.. -

Cactus pear was a fruit that I was curious about since we saw them on the shelves here in Florida on a regular basis. I had one a couple weeks ago and was underwhelmed. Maybe I was expecting something mindblowing after waiting so long, maybe the fruit I grabbed wasn't ripe or just a fad example.

Raw vegan macaroons really blew off mine and Sistos heads however. I had them from two different brands (hail merry which I can find here in Florida as well) the other kind we had in Colorado however were a one time pleasure. We snacked them while hiking through Castlewood Canyon State Park.

Fermented vegan cheese was another thing I never had before. Treeline cheese was the one I was curious about and checked out in november. It was ok. But what I would really love to get my hands on again is Punk Rawk Labs raw vegan cashew cheese. Sisto would definitely agree. Mouthwatering thought...


Love chock is a raw chocolate that I brought for me and Sisto to try when I came back from germany. It's something we're looking forward to, since there are a lot of things we will miss. Especially raw food options.

When I heard about Kala Namak a couple years ago I was wondering if it would really make scrambled tofu taste eggish. Finding it in Bremen this year when I was in try out mood I took it home with me. Then I left it in germany without having it tried once. Now that my mom sent it to me I could make sure myself that this salt really is a one of a kind seasoning for scramble.

Vegan twinkie: Not much to say about that, except for: I expected more of it. But it's just a junk food, even if it's vegan, and not linked to any child hood memories etc. for me either. Vegan bavarian cream donut: Very much yes! Though it only is a junk food. And I have to admit I'd love to visit voodoo donuts some time again in my life. 

Did I forget something?
Oh yes. I just stirred up a batch of Tapioca pudding which I was curious about almost as long as we've been here. They have the pudding in the supermarket and since it looks a lot like rice pudding (which I love) I was thinking about it every once in a while. So, this will be my new years eve snack.

Now here come my all time favorites:
Vegan bread spreads, homemade bread, smoked tofu, tempeh, cornflakes (not the gmo ones!) and peanut butter puffins, miso, Samba dark (german hazelnut chocolate spread) and chocolate streusel from holland, tortellini pasta, nutritional yeast, coconut water and G.T.'s chia seed infused kombuchas - and lots and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits!

I hope you have a delicious and exciting new year!

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