Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

Notes - this 'n' that

First: Sorry for my long absence.
I still don't really have a lot to say.

We're getting more and more prepared for our next big step. The cruise has been booked. Did I already mention that? Well, yes, we're going to be traveling by ship again. This time on the other edge of the line. Cruise ship vacation. Trans atlantic overkill. We'll see. Hopefully the food is better!

Also we went to the post office today to see how much it would cost to ship two huge packages overseas. We were surprised. Despite the incredible prices for small items shipping this large 60 lb. box is kind of affordable. Still it is expensive but it really seems to not make sense to drive over to Jacksonville and have my parents pick up our stuff in Rotterdam which would be necessary for shipping them on a container ship, the alternative we thought we would have to deal with.

My garden is full of lush greens that are not getting picked yet but promise a nice harvest. And the first of my calendula flowers yesterday showed its bright orange flower. That really took long enough...

The dog is still stubborn and if her name wasn't Georgia already we would have to name her princess (oh no!). She really seems to think she is one: Laying down in the middle of the street if she is not pleased with the direction we choose to walk. Going for a walk if it rains is almost inexcusable to her. And when it's cold it is equally hard to get her outside. If it starts to rain while we are already outside you can bet she knows where our home is and she'll drag you there as fast as possible.

If not all those behaviors of her, working at the shelter for quite a while has proved to me that nobody ever can tell me anymore that animals are not people. Even if I am not able to see different characters in fish or birds or squirrels etc. I do see them in all those dogs and cats i've met so far. I cannot imagine how I could ever not be vegan. I cannot understand how everybody working there can care about dogs and cats (or pretend to) and continue eating other animals. 
Can you?

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