Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

June is here now

After a long long absence - that partially happened due to us being on a ship for two weeks, and in other parts of arriving here feeling quite crappy (yes, jetlag happened even though we came the slow way) and getting overwhelmed with organizational stuff, running from one institution to the next to get our foot in the german door - I now officially announce us having arrived and starting to settle down in germany.

No, we're not yet done with that paper work stack and all the crap that goes along if you need to get your shit straight (health insurance, a place to live, money to put food into your bowl and such). But at least I feel that we are slowly moving away from the surprise of after 2 years suddenly finding us back here in germany.

For June I thought, since I haven't shared anything from that trip yet plus I can't charge my camera battery yet, I'm going to post one picture of this last month every day.
So here's #1:

Last harvest done in the middle of the last night. Carrots, Kohlrabi and its leaves. I left the other two Kohlrabis in place since they were too small to take. How they look like by now I wonder.

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