Donnerstag, 13. November 2014


I know, I'm lame. I'm so lame lately that I really think it is ok to post about october when it's already the middle of november. Pitiful!

Here's how my october was like.
Less work. More work. Some planning regarding theatre stuff. (Far far in the future.) Not far enough though for us to be in time for applying for funds in time. Early deadlines suck. And self management is absolutely not my pair of shoes.

October was officially announced as our month of halloween. We planned on watching one horror movie every day. We had a good start but with some things coming up - a couple of shows we set up for various people or helped at or played at ourselves + a there and back trip to berlin, also to play a show - our goal quickly disappeared behind the horizon.

Still it was nice to see a couple of movies like Halloween, Fright night, Nightmare on elm street and such, some of which I had seen before (or had seen a different part), and some completely new.

October also included some raw treats since it was Sistos birthday. We had raw tabouleh salad (with sprouted quinoa instead of the couscous), raw zucchini pasta with alfredo sauce and I made him an unforgettable cake. Does it look like a molehill to you? There's this cake in germany called mole cake which I never ate, but had in mind when I thought about what to make for the birthday. It consists of a chocolate cake filled with banana and some white cream stuff.

The cake was so good!

Apart from those nice things I still carried some nasty cold around which wouldn't go away. So I went to have my B12 checked. The doctor I went to is pretty cool so she ordered a complete blood checkup, including iron test, I only had to pay for a special B12 test that was not covered, which was ok.
My results came back fine. Off the hook I'd say!
And right now it feels like the cold might slowly say goodbye. Wish me luck!

Now I almost forgot halloween.
We had planned to go to a friends friends halloween/birthday party. This would be the first time for me to go to a halloween party knowing some time in advance and I couldn't resist to fix up a last minute costume. First I would have loved to do something scary but you either need good makeup for that which I haven't or lots of time to built a mask or something, I figured. In the end I found something I'd like to dress like, sat down on my sewing machine and came up with this:

...not puss in boots... 

I like halloween. - Happy scaredy Halloween!

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