Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Another unfinished One (Schubladenprojekt Nr. 02)

Today is second monday of "unfinished projects". Time for another ongoing project.
You're invited to show me your stuff as well!

Last winter I started to "upcycle" baby clothes. Well, upcycling is not really a good word in combination with such sweet thing like baby clothes. And somehow it's not really upcycling as well what I'm doing.

I made a little sketch to show you the simple idea behind project no. 2:

When I got the idea I went to the local thrift store and bought three sweet little romper suits. All a bit different in style (with/without legs/arms) and size.
Then I just tried out. Sewing, cutting, sewing. I tried to keep as much of the original as possible. I also tried to be inspired by the cloth to which animal it would change. Out came:

..a monkey
..a kangaroo (why was i about to write giraffe?) with a baby
..a tiny bat

Unfinished? Why? you may ask. Because there's at least one to go. As a christmas present for our friends I gave them a voucher for an animal of one of their baby's rompersuits. And this is what is still waiting for me. Sweet, huh?

Something to go for!

Good Night!


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