Montag, 6. Juni 2011

How to do easy fridge magnets / Giveaway

EDIT: Die Verlosung hat statt gefunden und die liebe Kessolina bekommt ein Päckchen.

Some time ago I found a game in a second hand store that I used to play as a child. So I had to buy it for some special purpose I had to think of later on.
Well I stored it for some while and today had the perfect idea what to do with the little paper figures.
The game actually is "Blinde Kuh" (Blind Cow). You have to find out what is shown on the figure just by touching the shape while your eyes are covered.

Step one:

Find a nice game like "Blinde Kuh", "Memory" or those Aquarium-Games or what else you like that contains cardboard figures or images at your local thrift store.
You also need scissors and magnet-tape. Mine is selfadhesive. If it's not you need all purpose glue or both-side-sticking scotch tape, too.

Step two:

Step three:
Decorate your fridge or pipes in the city.


And since I have so many magnets now I thought it's nice to give away some to one lucky person. So you can win the happy family and their home, car and pet. Just leave a comment until friday - if you have suggestions, they are very welcome. if you wanna tell me what your favourite magnet looks like, go ahead! Make sure I can find you (via email) or check back here by friday night...
Good luck!


Roboti und da Höm hat gesagt…

Wie süß! Ich trau mich ja fast nicht mitmachen, hab ich ja schon die wunderbaren Stempel von dir bekommen. Nein, ich trau mich doch :-)

birrrd hat gesagt…

OK - OPEN UNTIL MONDAY - since there's ayway no time for me to finish post in the weekend..

Kessolina hat gesagt…

Heute ist MONTAG! Und ich drängel mich noch schnell rein. Die Magnete sind zauberhaft, ehrlich. Da gibts nicht zufällig nen Apfel? Ich bin leidenschaftliche Apfelsammlerin und Äpfel sind meine Lieblingsform für alles!

Kessolina hat gesagt…