Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Present and Past

Some days ago I visited my old blog .
That was weird and funny. Reading what I posted some years ago.. and I just watched the latest posts not the earlier ones. I blogged there for about four years or so. I started when I moved from home for studying. I thought it would be nice to write about stuff from my life so parents and friends from home could follow a bit if interested and I don't have to spam them with my life via email.
In the end real life somehow got me and blogging was more like one of those habits you try to keep on doing but can't completely connect with any more. I was back at my old home town. My family was close again. I didn't know if someone still was reading it. I didn't know what to write about. I was mainly posting stuff I liked on the internet. So not bad but still not enough.

Then I started this blog. I started somehow at the point were I ended the old one here. Because somehow I wanted to have a space again were I could post stuff I found inspiring on the internet. (It wasn't facebook-time for me yet.) Then dropped again and somehow got into it by seeing all those great crafting blogs. And all those great blogs about (vegan) cooking and baking. This made me come back and restart blogging with a bit more content than just "copy and paste"-stuff.
So. here I am. At post 100. And enjoying this thing.

How about you? How long are you doing this?
Did you have other projects before? What were your topics, what are they now?

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hej, interessant zu lesen, was dich zu Deinem Blog bewogen hat! Ich hab dieses Jahr im Februar damit angefangen, weil ich in der Mutterschutz-Zeit endlich mal wieder ein paar Sachen selbst machen konnte (davor hab ich viel zu viele Überstunden gemacht und war völlig ausgebrannt, an irgendeine Art von Kreativität war nicht zu denken) und dabei natürlich auch im Netz auf vielen tollen DIY-Bastel-Näh-Blogs gelandet bin. Mir gefällt die Idee, dass ich auf meinem Blog so durch die kleinen Projekte blättern kann die ich hier und da verwirkliche.