Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

nearly over but still..

it's the vegan blogger month, did you know?
and since it nearly passed away without being mentioned at my blog, i will just do so now.
(and escape going on with my writing stuff...)

vegan mofo or vegan month of food 2011

Some of you are'nt vegan I know. Some of you are'nt even vegetarian (unfortunately).
But hey, this is really not about being something or not. This is about the joy of food and a whole bunch of great blogs sharing great recipes and other stuff.

Recipes for delicious pumpkin pies or Coffee Cake, for baked onion rings (german) and pumpkin tofu scramble... and sooo many more.

There's giveaways, too. You like giveaways, do you?
Well, all in all this is worth visiting.

You can find a round up everyday on the vegan mofo-site. They also post those giveaways and you find all the bloggers who join the party. There you can search for special topics or languages, too.

so. now you know, why i had to tell you!

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Roboti und da Höm hat gesagt…

Ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie vegan gekocht, sollte ich vielleicht mal ausprobieren.