Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Good vs. Evil

Childrens Movies.

Really I don't know why there is nobody protecting children from bad movies. It even seems as if they were producing extra specially bad movies for kids. Why? It's like in theatre, some adults seem to think children are just stupid things that you can satisfy with crap. Well, probably lots of children are satisfied with crap but that's ridiculous. Really, lets protect them from stuff like this.

The storyline was ok, but what they made of it was incredibly boring. The main character was a crying baby and half of the movie you would see him looking sad into the camera. First we thought ok that won't be something great but lets watch it just because it's crappy. But when the film was over we blamed ourselves for that decision cause it was so lame. I don't want to go into the details but the best moment of the movie was when the bad boy was so frightened he pooped his pants. Pffff it made. Unbelievable!

So here is what you should show to your children. It is our new discovery. It is intense and rich and magic: Jim Henson's The Storyteller.

We found the DVDs in the library and watched the first three stories: Hans my hedgehog, fearnot and a short story. From the greek myths we watched all so far (if wikipedia is right and there are just four).. There is always the tale told by the story teller to his old dog (a puppet that is lovely played and is reacting to the story), there is the actual tale (performed by actors) and there are transitions with shadow figures. The athmosphere is dark and thrilling. And I love how the story is told in fragments, framed by the storyteller and the use of puppetry elements.
Go for it! For me it's one of the best finds lately.

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