Montag, 6. Februar 2012


I didn't like Cranberries. I'm not a friend of bitter and sweet in combination.
When I was a child I hated chickory and brussel sprouts and grapefruit. Now I like the first two vegs but with that sweet and bitter grapefruit thing I still have my personal problems.

Cranberries have a bit of bitterness as well. Nothing for me!

About one month ago there was a party where I ate a muffin. It had cranberries inside. And I liked it. Totally. It was super yummy and the last days I had to think of cranberries. And of cookies. So today I mixed that wholemeal chocolate chip batter but instead of chocolate I stirred in a cup of cranberries. (And added some chocolate chips later, too.) What came out of the oven were delicious fruity and soft cookies that have just a little crunch the moment you bite into one of them.

I'm afraid they won't last very long.

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