Freitag, 3. Februar 2012


Today was the day!
Today I had my visa interview appointment at the US embassy in Frankfurt.
Around 3 in the morning we started our trip.
At quarter to eight I was allowed to enter the embassy. It was sooo damn cold outside that I was more than happy I didn't have to wait in the non-immigrant line because there was a whole bunch of people standing. The other line was quick. But still those two minutes of getting my invitation letter out of my handbag let my fingers freeze. Ouch.
I got a number and passed the security check.


Two hours later I was out. Smiling all over my face. They said YES. I am allowed to immigrate to the United States. I can't believe it.



Now this means: in three months we will leave germany. be continued.


Nike hat gesagt…

Boah! Gratulation! Du kleckerst nicht, was?

Lillesis hat gesagt…

Wow. Jetzt ist es offiziell. Da habt ihr beide euch aber gefreut. ^^