Freitag, 9. März 2012


Not even two months until we leave. I can't believe it. Working in the cafe is getting worse. And being at home sucks because of this mess. See:

The only thing that keeps us going right now is looking forward to our great journey! Across the ocean on a big container ship we'll drive. No airplanes. No fear. Just lots of salty water, some seagulls, the sky and 10 lazy days.
The ship leaves from Bremerhaven and will arrive at the coast of South Carolina. There my mother in law who is currently moving from Hawaii back to Florida will pick us up. Then together we drive to Inverness, where she's living. And I will get to know the place where my husband grew up.
The land of Alligators and Manatees.
I'm soooo sooo curious about all this.
I'm curious about America! I can't await to eat Peanut Butter Puffins again. (Maybe you remember that incredible care package we got one year ago..) And I cannot wait to see spanish moss, the swamp and crystal river.
First going to Florida apart from all that promises us to finally have a real summer again. A summer we can enjoy cause we're not stuck in the middle of a big city. A summer with the sea not too far from where we live. A hot summer. And I get to know his family!

This is what I'm looking forward to. This really is it!

More about our plans in the next episode of "new world".. Oh and help me to get rid of the chaos here*.


Kessolina hat gesagt…

Du wanderst aus??? Hab ich was verpasst? Wie spannend!

Nike goingweird hat gesagt…

Wow, wow, wow. Und gut zu wissen, dass Ihr einen guten Anlaufpunkt habt!
(du hast doch neulich mal über die Raw-Sache geschrieben. Du erinnerst Dich? Dabei hast Du "rohe" Nüsse erwähnt. Was ist damit gemeint? Unbehandelte Nüsse?