Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Kitty Litter

What a stupid idea!
Some time ago I read that you can extinguish bad smells from old objects by putting them into cat litter for some while.
When we got the bus, I thought about that trick as a good thing against its smell. Actually it wasn't. Instead today I had to realize what a mess I made. I found myself for three hours trying to get the small little clay pieces out of the carpet. Like Sisyphus. I had to vacuum over and over again. And still you can see little white pieces skipping when you brush it firmly.
Lets face the positive: the smell is gone!


nähmarie hat gesagt…

you made my day!


(merk ich mir trotzdem, vielleicht für alte koffer oder so! ;)

Lillesis hat gesagt…

The first picture that loaded was the last one, of your little niece (what is her name, btw?) sitting in the back of the car, an I thought: Why did they turn the car into a sandpit? ^^
Oh, and yesterday I found a wonderful present from you in my mailbox. Thank you, I'll try and see when I can bake those cookies. :D

birrrd hat gesagt…

Psst. It's a nephew. Makana. And yeah, why did we turn the car into an sandpit again?
I heard good news about some lecture you had to hold. Congratulations.

So cool that you got the letter!
: )